Personal Red Scrolling LED Marquee
Name & Text Advertising Badges

"Illuminating Possibilities"

Computer Not Required!

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These are Programmable Scrolling Marquee Red LED
Personal Advertising Badges or Tags for Name and Text.

Scrolling LED Badge Is dedicated to Helping You get
the attention of your intended target, get you noticed
and deliver a more complete message by illuminating
your logo, promotion of the day or company motto!
Wholesale and Retail Sales!

And now we offer affordable custom engraving

Engraveable area 5/8" x 3"

 Brand our Badges to fit your needs!

email or call for custom engraving options.

Its a proven fact that Bright Red Scrolling LED Text
will capture the eye. Studies have shown that a Scrolling
LED badge will drastically increase your customers, and
as a result, significantly increase your annual sales.

Put Your Promotion In Motion!

Scrolling Marquee Badges
"Illuminating Possibilities"

Scrolling Badge Offers Easy & Fast programming!
Compare the Scrolling Badge features and capabilities


Programs via 6 convenient buttons on the back of the scrolling badge!

Use the up/down buttons on the back of the scrolling badge to scroll back and foward through the character's then press set button. If you make an error just press cancel. When you have your message selected just hold down the set button to lock in the message and then select your scrolling badge speed.
Easy & Fast programming!

Get Up To 20 hours On A Single CR2032 battery           TWO Batteries Included!

  • No Computer Required to use and program the scrolling badge!
  • Scrolling Badge gives you a 50 Character easy to read Message!
  • Small, 5 x 28 dot matrix scrolling badge easy to read screen!
  • 5 scrolling badge speeds with 6 Character Screen!
  • Easy to Follow Instructions!
  • Two Batteries Included!
  • Single Powerful Magnetic Clip, No Cumbersome Pins!
  • Smaller Than a Credit Card! Slim scrolling badge design!
  • Low Consumption Bright RED Light Saves Money!
  • Programs via 6 convenient buttons on back!

  • Self contained Scrolling Badge programming... Easy to use... No computer needed
    Have a message to get out? Scrolling Marquee
    Badges are the most effective way to do it!

    Sports Fans!
    Root for your favorite team everywhere you go!
    Change your message with the sports seasons!

    If you wear our Programmable Scrolling LED Badge, every person who sees You will also see your ad! No more stumbling around trying to figure out how to start that awkward sales conversation, They Will Ask You about your business when they see this scrolling badge!

    with our programmable personal marquee badges!

    Scrolling led  badge, Scrolling Marquee badges, LED Name badge 

    & programmable name tags are Great for Trade Shows Or Conventions!

    "You deserve the best price and quality... 


    The Benefits of Scrolling LED's
    (Light Emitting Diode)
    and the Scrolling LED Badge!

    The benefits of using personal Scrolling Marquee Badges are simply undeniable.

    They provide the needed visual impact that will make a good impression in the
    minds of your target market. If you're looking for that small, inexpensive, yet flashy way to advertise and attract new customers, then let me suggest the benefits of the...

    Scrolling Marquee LED Badges!!

    A Scrolling Marquee provides an eye-catching, affordable way to increase your business and, as a result, your profits. A Bright Red Scrolling Marquee Badge with your logo is a brilliant move. Keeping it original will set
    you apart from the rest.....

    Whether you're Planning a School Reunion, Corporate Event, Private Event, School Gatherings, Trade shows, Promotional Events, Mitzvahs, Conventions, Church Socials and more. Drill Teams, Dance Teams,  Customized Take Homes, Unique Favors, Performing Artist, Casino Nights, Carnival Entertainment, Trade Show Booths, Theme Decor, Sporting events & much more

    If you're going to a gathering convention do you have any idea

    how many people you see.  Could it be hundreds or thousands?

    Don't let that audience go to waste.

    Use a Scrolling LED  Badge to get your message read by every person that passes.

    Attracting new customers to approach you and open the door if you will, is the name of the game and A LED Name Tag Is the perfect tool for this type of Promotion ......

    Use a Scrolling Text  Badge to get your message read by every person that passes.

    Attracting new customers to approach you and open the door if you will, is the name of the
    game and A Scrolling LED Badge Is the perfect tool for this type of Promotion and advertising. 

    Scrolling LED's are the Ideal light source for flashing text displays.

    If you need to get your message noticed & Remembered then a Bright Red
    Scrolling LED Badge is the most effective means of getting it done.

    When you Compare the features and capabilities
    The simple truth is that the Scrolling LED Badge
     Is the most effective tool in delivering a message!

    A Personal Scrolling Badge has moving text, scrolling
    across the display screen at various speeds attracting
    Potential new customers to read your advertising text.

    Getting You Noticed, Getting You Remembered, Getting The Business!

    SImply put... This Is Pure Gold at any Event, Trade show or Convention!

    These Scrolling Marquee Badges are known by so many names.

    They are alternately called magnetic name tags,  magnetic business cards, LED badges, LED name badges, Marquee badges, scrolling text badges, LED scrolling message badges, LED name tags, banner badges, Scrolling Marquees, Programable Name Tag, personal scrolling led badge, LED name badges , Marquee badges , LED badge , streettagz, programmable name badges ,   Realtor Name Tags, and many more

    Why so many? Because they are HOT and they WORK!

    So Put Yourself Out There and get them to come to you!

    Just Use Your Imagination!




                  Don't be fooled by a lower price, different colors or a longer message!

    Our RED L.E.D. scrolling badges use the least amount of power, they are brighter, and the easiest to read!
    So, Keep your message simple.... People do not have all day to read your scrolling message
    so keep it brief and to the point!

                                  Meeting like minded people ... Half The Battle....

                                  Building rapport and connecting ... Pure Gold ...

                   Getting People to Stop ... Read Your Message, your Advertising! 

                     ...... Priceless, Absolutely Priceless ...... 

                               Never pay for features you do not need or want! 

                             Scrolling LED Badge... Quality for the Best Price!

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